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A love story like no other...

A poetic and eloquent love story that traces the emotion and passion shared between two women: A thoughtful, sensual documentation of love, friendship -- and mystery told by Kleya Forte-Escamilla. Absorbing and fast-paced.--

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The Storyteller With Nike Airs

From the mesh of fantasy and certainty, both necessary to a good cuento, comes the Storyteller. Vampires and bars; barrios and teflon deserts; devils and dying; a spurned lover lying down with scorpions--the Storyteller threads her way through the unlikely, the impossible, coming to rest on the solid ground of her people. "[Forté-Escamilla's] people...are written with such complexity and fullness of dimension that they become unforgettable."--Tillie Olsen

Los Muertitos de San Cristobal Artist Book

IWritten and illustrated by artist/writer, Kleya Forte-Escamilla,


this book is an authentic viewpoint of a popular holiday, Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. With laugh aloud humor and poetic prose, the artist describes the lives of the calacas she created in sensitive vignettes,

in longer stories, and in a First Day of the Dead sequential character story with beautiful color graphics. The book includes a glossary of English/Spanish words.--Amazon 


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Daughter of the Mountain writing as Edna Escamill

The first book I published, a coming of age novel about the loss of the desert and a way of life.

Maggie, a girl living in a southwestern border town, draws strength to face the future from her grandmother, a Yaqui Indian who teaches Maggie the ways of the land and her own form of spirituality.--Amazon



Ma Rabby & the Pony Underground


Ma Rabby and her sisters of the pony underground save rabbits who escaped from an experimental facility. Told in graphic form, this story stirs the heart of anyone who loves animals.

32 pages illustrated

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An Artist's Guidebook to Indigenous Wisdom

The Author explores the commonality of ancient wisdom among East/West cultures, and how these ideas can help us unite our spirits with the natural world we inhabit now.

20 pages illustrated

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