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NEW 2023

At the end of her life, Raquel is able to talk to Mada, and joins her in the next world. It is an In Between place where mistakes made in this life must be resolved in order to move on. The adventures of the two women, alone or together may be funny, frightening or helpful to others,  but their love for one another is always there.

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What if a former student meets again, years later, the teacher she was in love with in High School and has never forgotten...

Ani and Mac are meant to be together if they can just stop falling over their own feet.

A sensitive portrayal of what it means for an older woman to love a younger woman, and how a meeting of hearts can overcome the difficult challenges life unexpectedly throws away. 

 Add a little kitten named Pinky and the

Arizona/Sonora desert as a backdrop!







I first wrote about Mada and Raquel in the book, MADA, published in 1993. RAQUEL picks them up about twenty years later, about to begin a new phase in their life together,  beautiful, still very much in love in a relationship that has grown and is once more ready for change.

And then the unexpected happens.


How do you go on after losing the woman who was the love of your life? Raquel flees from California to the mountains of the Sierra Madre in Mexico looking for something that will make her heart beat again , and if she finds it, can she let it in?

"Your book is sheer poetry. Filled with fire, passion, grief and a gentleness that brings tears to me."--

     Cooper Gallegos, Author of Walking Lessons for the Elderly, and The Waterhauler: A Desert Story.

RAQUEL PDF  or Paperback may be purchased in the STORE or on Amazon Kindle.




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